Exhibitor Advisory Council

Led by Chair Gary Horne and Vice Chair Laura Sommers, this group works to keep a line of communication open with exhibitors and sponsors, gathering input on new features and programs, identifying areas for improvement.


Mr Gary Rhyne Horne, Mahlkonig USA, Inc.

Vice Chair

Laura Sommers, Espresso Supply Inc.

Council Members

Cindy Cohn, Specialty Coffee Association of America
Connie Blumhardt, Roast Magazine
Desiree Logsdon, Bunn-O-Matic Corporation
Kevin Kuyers, Theta Ridge Coffee, LLC
Tom Palm, Design & Layout Services
Keith Hayward, Dillanos Coffee Roasters
Brad Price, Monin, Inc.
Mr. James Mann, Kerry Foods
Mr. John Warner Buckner, S & D Coffee Co., Inc.
Lisa Pacini, Specialty Coffee Association of America

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