Events Committee

Led by Director Tracy Ging, Co-Chaired by 2nd Vice President Tracy Allen, the Events committee is made up of three subcommittees (Awards, Expo Executive, and Marketing Advisory) that work to plan and execute SCAA events.

No Current Committee Members

Expo Executive
No Current Committee Members

Marketing Advisory

Committee Members
Tara Smith, Specialty Coffee Association of America
Ms. Katie Elizabeth Barrow, Fair Trade USA
Tracy Ging, S & D Coffee Co., Inc.
Paul Thornton, Coffee Bean International, Inc.
Mark Inman, Olam Specialty Coffee
Mr. Joseph Collin McBride,
Mr Wes Buckwalter, SeaMonster Studios
Christian E. Wade, Alliance for Coffee Excellence - Cup of Excellence
Mr Andrew Linnemann, Starbucks Corporation
Israel Serna, Specialty Coffee Association of America
Marcus Boni, Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Co.

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