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The Barista Guild of America (BGA) offers certificate classes at regional SCAA Skill-Building Workshops throughout the year and at our annual events, the SCAA Exposition and BGA Barista Camp. Please check back for updates to course offerings and keep an eye out for events coming to your area. To learn more about Barista Guild Certificates and view the list of certified baristas, visit the BGA website.

Level 1

SCAA Class Code

Class Title


Introduction to Espresso Part 1


Introduction to Espresso Part 2


Introduction to Cupping


Introduction to Coffee Brewing & Extraction


Introduction to Customer Service


Level 1 Barista Certificate Test

* Please note: experienced baristas can choose to pursue and obtain Level 1 by achieving a passing score in CP190 AND attending CP103 (may test out of all other requirements).

To view details on Level 1, please click here.

Level 2

SCAA Class Code Class Title
CB100 Seed to Cup
CP203 Milk & Latte Art
CP201 Grind, Dose, Tamp, Extract 201
CP202 Espresso Bar Efficiency & Workflow
CB204 Exploring Espresso Equipment
CP290 Level 2 Barista Certificate Test

To view details on Level 2, please click here.

Level 3

Coming Soon

Governance & Administration Information

The BGA Certificate Programs are governed and administered by the Barista Guild of America and the Specialty Coffee Association of America. All coursework and tests are property of SCAA. Coursework and Tests are designed by the BGA and the SCAA Professional Development Committee. All tests and test scores are subject to SCAA's confidentiality policy.

Education Tracking and Test Scores: Tests will be graded and candidates will be notified of scores and pass/fail information within two weeks of testing. Education credits including test scores will be applied to the student's online profile at within 4-6 weeks of each class or test taken. All education credits, test scores and certificates completed/earned are tracked in each individual student's online profile at Students are tracked using an individual email address, which can be updated by the student anytime online. Education tracking will not be provided to students who do not have an online profile at

Appeals: Program participants may appeal scores, rules or requirements in writing. Whenever possible, candidates are encouraged to resolve any concerns or disputes first by phone or email with an SCAA professional development staff member or the BGA Certificate Committee. Full information and dispute resolution is stated in the BGA Certificate Handbook.