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SCAA Professional Development certificate programs are based on industry-recognized standards and best practices and are taught by carefully vetted, experienced instructors.

As the world's largest trade association for specialty coffee, SCAA classes and professional Certificates provide access to individual professional development and provide value to companies throughout the specialty coffee supply chain.


The Value of Certificates

Professional Assessment-Based Certificates recognize successful completion of the curricula, when participants pass performance and written exams that demonstrate specified knowledge and skill competency. These certificates help individuals to maintain a competitive advantage, because they offer assurance by the Specialty Coffee Association of America that the individual has met all criteria established and developed by top industry professionals. SCAA certificates are often cited in industry qualifications for those seeking employment or promotion, or by companies seeking to recruit a candidate with specific knowledge and skills.

Want to talk to someone regarding your professional development?

We offer counseling times during which we can review your goals and experience and create a plan that meets your professional development goals. 

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