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Below you will find a comprehensive list of courses that are offered through the SCAA Professional Development program. Please use the tabs on the right of this page to display only the courses pertaining to your experience level, the subject area you are interested in, or the certificate program that you'd like to pursue.

CB100  |  CB100 Seed to Roaster/Seed to Cup Webinar

A fundamental skill of any specialty coffee professional is to be able to identify key points and explain the journey coffee from seed to cup. The class surveys the custody of coffee, from farmer to barista. It is a required class for the BGA Level 2 Certificate and the Roasters Guild Level 1 Certificate (as of 2013, in place of RP206 & RP207).

CP201  |  CP201 Grind Dose Tamp Extract

This class gives intermediate level baristas in depth experience and techniques of the espresso grinder, dosing and tamping. Baristas are given hands-on experience under the guidance of an SCAA Instructor to test and taste the impact and affect on espresso shots of dosing weight, distribution, and settling. This is a required class for Barista Guild of America Certificate - Level Two.

Required Prerequisites: CP101 - Introduction to Espresso Part 1, CP102 - Introduction to Espresso Part 2

CP202  |  CP202 Espresso Bar Efficiency and Workflow

Efficiency is a critical component of balancing customer service with excellence in quality. In this hands-on class, students learn skills to improve efficiency through improving drink preparation methods, ensuring quality control through increased attention to detail , and producing drinks of high quality quickly and effectively.

Required Prerequisites: CP101 - Introduction to Espresso Part 1, CP102 - Introduction to Espresso Part 2

CP203  |  CP203 Latte Art Part 1

Latte art is an extremely effective technique for drawing customers' attention and simultaneously preparing a beverage of high quality. This class is a hands-on training class focusing first on developing the technique for steaming milk in order to pour latte art, and an introduction to the two basic latte art designs: heart and rosette. In small groups under the supervision of an instructor, students have the opportunity to steam milk and pour. The latte art technique takes hours of practice to perfect; accordingly students should not expect to master the latte art technique during class time, but will be prepared to practice effectively at their own businesses to develop latte art skills over time.

Required Prerequisites: CP101 - Introduction to Espresso Part 1, CP102 - Introduction to Espresso Part 2

CP204  |  CP204 Espresso Machine Preventive Maintenance

This class is intended for the Intermediate Barista or coffee professional knowledgeable with content and skills presented in CP100 level classes. Topics cover basic handling of equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and recognizing when service calls are warranted. Students recognize essential tools and common replacement items on common espresso machines.

Recommended Prerequisites: BGA Level 1 Certificate OR CP101 and CP102

CP254  |  CP254 Manual Brewing Exploration

Manual brewing of specialty coffee is actively in a period of revival. By practicing with the same coffee, participants in this class with explore the variables of brewing through several pieces of manual brewing equipment. Tasting and recording results is an integral part of this class. The final portion of class comes with a panel discussion and videos of coffee shops that have successfully integrated manual brewing into their daily offerings.

Recommended Prerequisites: GE206 Grinding and Particle Size Analysis.

Required Prerequisites: CP151 - CP152 Introduction to Coffee Brewing and Extraction, GE103 Intro to Cupping