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Below you will find a comprehensive list of courses that are offered through the SCAA Professional Development program. Please use the tabs on the right of this page to display only the courses pertaining to your experience level, the subject area you are interested in, or the certificate program that you'd like to pursue.

CB100  |  Seed to Cup (eLearning Class)

A fundamental skill of any specialty coffee professional is to be able to identify key points and explain the journey coffee from seed to cup, having a basic grasp of concepts of coffee's history, growing conditions and chain of custody. This information is an underpinning for purchasing decisions and communication along the chain from farmer to consumer. Engaging, educating and enriching consumers of specialty coffee are inherent in the work of baristas, roasters and retailers, and this class provides accurate, concise information that surveys the custody of coffee, from farmer to barista. Having this basic framework of knowledge will help newcomers to the industry position new information as they learn on the job from others. It is a required Foundations of Coffee class to complete before attending other classes. Two alternatives to meet this requirement are: (1) Attending Coffee Farming RP206 & Coffee Processing RP207 at past events or on the eLearning platform; (2) Origin Trip Credit-

CP103  |  Customer Service Essentials (eLearning Class)

Outstanding customer service is a critical component of creating the specialty coffee experience. Participants will identify common keys to great customer service and also steps of service recovery for when things go wrong. During group discussions, learners strategize how to improve customer service interactions and exchange experiences and approaches that have been successful. The class was originally designed for the specialty coffee barista, but has been redesigned to be relevant for all members of the specialty coffee community. This is a required class for ALL the SCAA Certificate programs.steps of service recovery for when things go wrong. During group discussions, learners strategize how to improve customer service interactions and exchange experiences and approaches that have been successful. The class focuses on the specialty coffee barista, but is relevant for all members of the specialty coffee community. This is a required class for Barista Guild of America Certificate - Level One.

Recommended Prerequisites: CB100, CP101-CP102,

CP151  |  Brewing and Extraction Principles

This class is the foundation for all coffee brewing and is essential for any newcomer to the coffee industry. Coffee professionals need to have a strong knowledge of the principals governing optimum brewing methods and must be able to brew coffee to SCAA's vetted standards. CP151 provides this critical instruction and practice. After a 90 minute break, students return for CP152.

Recommended Prerequisites: CB100, GE103

CP152  |  Brewing and Extraction Principles Applied

This class continues to explore the six essential elements of coffee brewing, both through mechanical and manual brewing methods. Learners get hands-on time with the equipment. This is a required class in the new Foundations of Coffee and a prerequisite for all certificate programs, including the Golden Cup Technician Certificate.

Recommended Prerequisites: CB100, GE103

Required Prerequisites: CP151

CP158  |  Golden Cup Brewing

This class builds on CP151 Parts 1 and 2, providing brewing standards and tools to measure brewed coffee for analysis. This class is designed to enable you to use the basic accepted industry method for analyzing brewed coffee utilizing a digital refractometer and the SCAA Brewing Control Chart. Competence in this area is essential for industry professionals. CP158 is the third of four classes that make up the Golden Cup Technician Certificate.

Recommended Prerequisites: CB100, CP103, GE103

Required Prerequisites: CP151-CP152

CP255  |  Brewing Approaches and Variations

This class provides industry professionals with experience that can add value back at work by clarifying equipment choices or results of brewing from different equipment. It is designed to enable participants to analyze and adjust brews to meet the Golden Cup standard on several different methods, both mechanical and manual. Instruction focuses on how to produce optimum results with the different equipment. Participants systematically brew coffee with various spray head configurations, by-pass settings, pre-infusion settings, pulse brewing and/or manual brewing. The process includes recording details on the official brew analysis worksheet, tasting the coffee and discussing the brewing method's impact on extraction and what conclusions might be drawn from the experiments.

Recommended Prerequisites: SCAA Water Standard eLearning presentation

Required Prerequisites: CP151 - CP152 Introduction to Coffee Brewing & Extraction CP158 - Golden Cup Fundamentals

EXM-GP1, EXM-GW1 (Formerly CP291)  |  Golden Cup Technician Practical Exam; and Golden Cup Technician Written Exam (Formerly: Golden Cup Technician Certificate Test)

This exam credentials SCAA Golden Cup Technicians. This is a two-part exam consisting of a written test and a practical evaluation. The 40 minute practical evaluation measures the skills of an SCAA Golden Cup Technician in the following areas:

1. Performing a Golden Cup evaluation
2. Making adjustments
3. Reporting Upon passing the practical and written exam, the final step to achieve the full Golden Cup Technician Certificate involves performing an on-site brewing assignment to submit to the Brewing Certificate Committee and SCAA Education Manager. After 1 January 2015 the Foundations Course (CB100, CP103, CP151, CP152, GE103) should be completed prior to beginning the Golden Cup Technician Certificate (GCTC) program, and all candidates must have those class credits to achieve the complete GCTC. Candidates who have taken CP158 and CP255 prior to 31 December 2014 may complete the program under former requirements.

Required Prerequisites: CB100, CP103, GE103, CP151, CP152, CP158, CP255

GE103  |  Orientation to SCAA Cupping

Cupping is the Specialty Coffee Industry's standard for evaluating green coffee. Using the SCAA Cupping Protocol and exploring two flights of coffee, participants are introduced to and practice the SCAA protocol, and focus on basic vocabulary from the Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel for objective, professional coffee quality evaluation. This is one of the Foundations of Coffee classes and is required for other classes in all certificate programs.

Recommended Prerequisites: CP151, CP152

Required Prerequisites: CB100