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The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Certified Teaching Laboratory program has earned an international reputation for quality professional development and consistent evaluation of coffee. The growing reputation of this certification creates a need for a high quality network of lab inspectors who will expand the scope and distribution of the program.

In response to this growing need, we have developed a new credential for those qualified individuals who can demonstrate mastery of the certified lab inspection requirements and rationale behind them. This new program consists of a day-long training and testing by experts in the field, at which candidate lab inspectors must demonstrate skill competencies and follow up their training with job-shadow field training. This credential builds on the list of already reputable professional development opportunities that we offer.

What is the purpose of this program?

The purpose of the SCAA Laboratory Inspector Credential is to build a network of qualified individuals worldwide who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and affective competencies necessary to inspect candidate SCAA Certified Teaching Laboratories. These individuals will be trained, empowered representatives of the SCAA and its mission to recognize, develop, and promote specialty coffee.

What is a SCAA Credentialed Lab Inspector?

Only individuals who hold the SCAA Certified Lab Inspector Credential will be authorized by the SCAA to act as its representatives in performing inspections. Certified lab inspectors will inspect candidate labs, but are not authorized to grant certifications to them. They are trained to evaluate a physical facility and its components in light of our requirements for lab certification. They liaise with SCAA Science staff to ensure that accurate records are kept on all applicants of the certified teaching lab program. They are highly valued and trained volunteers who act to further the SCAA mission and its leadership in the specialty coffee community.

SCAA Laboratory Inspector Credential

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