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Each SCAA certificate program requires students to pass a written exam. Currently the following written certificate exams are offered online. Exams offered online are referred to as "E-Exams."

Exams Offered Online:

  • Barista Level 1 Written Exam
  • Barista Level  2 Written Exam- coming soon
  • Roasters Level 1 Written Exam- coming soon


E-Exam Registration Periods: This is the time during which you can SIGN UP and PAY for an exam.  The exams are given every month except April.

E-Exam Testing Periods: This is the time period during which you can TAKE an exam.  You can pick any day and time to take the exam within the testing period.


The Registration and Testing Dates Schedule

sets forth

the monthly registration periods and the testing periods.



  • If you would like to view the "Registration and Testing Dates Schedule" now, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.


BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR A TEST, check that you are READY for the E-Exam by completing the steps below.

You are ready to take your E-Exam when you have completed all required classwork for a specific certificate.

Here's how to check whether you are ready to take the E-Exam.

  • Step 1: Click below on the certificate you are currently working towards. This will show you the required certificate classes.

    Barista Level 1 Certificate
  • Step 2: Login to and bring up your educational profile.
    Click here to access the login page.

    Your profile is found under "MY PRO DEV/VOL CREDITS".
  • Step 3: Does your profile show you have successfully completed all the certificate requirements (except the exam)?

    • If yes, then you are ready! Review the Registration and Testing Date Schedule below and register for the time that works for you. You will be able to test any time day or night during the testing period.

      • Click here for assistance in preparation for the exam.
      • Click here to view the THREE STEP registration process. This registration information is also included in your confirmation email sent to you after signing up and paying for the E-EXAM.
    • If no, please continue working toward fulfilling the requirements.

Certificates will only be awarded upon the successful completion of ALL classwork, and testing requirements. Passing the exam does not qualify one for the certificate.

Applying for a Certificate: After passing this exam, if you believe you have met all the requirements for the Barista Level 1 Certificate, please complete the Application for SCAA Certification Form.





Registration Deadline

Testing Period

Registration Link

First E-Exam Testing (January/February)

Begins January 15 ends January 27

February 10 through 24

Click Here


March 10

March 20 through the 31

Click Here



May 10

May 21 through the 31

Click Here


June 10

June 20 through the 30

Click Here


July 10

July 23 through the 31

Click Here


August 10

August 20 through the 31

Click Here


September 11

September 20 through the 30

Click Here


October 10

October 22 through the 31

Click Here


November 11

November 19 through the 26

Click Here


December 11

December 17 through the 24

Click Here