Chad Trewick

Chad Trewick joined Caribou Coffee in July of 1993 as a barista and within three months he had climbed the ranks to become a store manager. Shortly thereafter, when Caribou started to roast coffee, he was drawn closer to the bean and pursued a career as a roaster for four years in Caribou's production facility. While fine-tuning his skills in the roastery, Chad began to travel to various Caribou markets to spread coffee knowledge to stores. In 1998, Chad took over as the green coffee buyer at Caribou. Encouraging farmers to engage in Rainforest Alliance certification and strengthening the supply chain through relationships at origin, he has been improving Caribou's coffee quality and spreading the word ever since. Today, with more focus on origin conditions and sustainability than on buying, Chad scours the globe in search of the world's finest coffees working to ensure mutually beneficial relationships at source where positive impacts can be made–he can rarely be found at his desk, instead opting for the tropical climes in emerging countries where coffee is grown. Understanding the chain of custody and the social and environmental conditions that result in coffee deliveries to Caribou Coffee Company is one of his top priorities. Chad strongly believes that the notions of sustainability and responsible capitalism gaining in notoriety today must continue to move from the sometimes-alienating fringe to the broader mainstream in order for us all to leave a positive, widespread, and lasting legacy through our work. In addition to his origin work he leads a team at Caribou whose charge is to minimize the environmental impact of the business through recycling efforts, waste reduction, and greater responsibility overall. Chad serves on the SCAA Sustainability Council and is committed to teaching people about his passions: coffee, preserving the planet's people and places, and sustainability!