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We are now accepting reservations for the Winter Print Membership Directory. As you know, our Membership Directory has been an important source of contact information for over 25 years. It is the industry guide for Specialty Coffee and a valuable tool for both new and established businesses and is published and updated twice a year with both a print and online versions. This is a reference guide for our 2000+ members companies- putting your brand in front of a targeted group of roasters, retailers, importers, exporters and other industry professionals. Please view the Advertising Brochure for more details or contact

The Specialty Coffee Chronicle
SPONSOR | The Specialty Coffee Chronicle is published by the SCAA as a forum for discussion and information on coffee industry topics and issues. With almost 2,000 member companies (and their employees), an additional 1,000 individual members , and new online and print subscribers every day The Chronicle readership represents over 40 countries and every segment of the supply chain. By supporting The Chronicle, you will have a unique opportunity to be visible to this highly engaged, dedicated group of coffee professionals. Please view the Sponsorship Kit for more details or contact

SUBSCRIBE | SCAA member companies already receive one complimentary subscription to The Chronicle and are now be able to purchase additional subscriptions at a discounted price. What's more, non-members will be able to subscribe to The Chronicle for the first time. Individual copies of each issue are also available for purchase. Pricing is as follows:

Individual Issue: Hardcopy / Digital
SCAA Member: $3.99 / Free
Non-member: $6.99 / $2.99

Subscription: Hardcopy / Digital
SCAA Member: $19.99 / Free
Non-member: $39.99 / $14.99