Sustainability Council

Led by Chair Adam Kline and Vice Chair Samantha Veide, the Sustainability Council works to create and promote ideas, concepts, and action plans to the SCAA board that enable the SCAA to become the global leader in business for sustainability.


Adam Kline, Atlantic Specialty Coffee, Inc.

Vice Chair

Samantha Veide, Mars Drinks North America

Council Members

Janice Nadworny, Food4Farmers
Adam Pesce, Reunion Island Coffee Ltd.
Al Liu, Atlas Coffee Importers, LLC
Rick Peyser, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Sarah Beaubien, Farmer Brothers
Chad Trewick, Chad A. Trewick
Alex Morgan, Rainforest Alliance
Ms. Mansi Chokshi, Specialty Coffee Association of America
Mr. Cory Bush, Falcon Commodities Limited
Anne Nylander, Specialty Coffee Association of America
Mr. Michael Sheridan, Catholic Relief Services
Miguel Zamora, Fair Trade USA
Mr. Michael Covington Boyd, Boyd Coffee Company
Mr. Dennis Macray,
Meredith Taylor, Peregrine Espresso
Ms. Kimberly Easson, JavaVentures
Tracy Ging, S & D Coffee Co., Inc.
Rosemary Trent, Pueblo a Pueblo
Scott Merle, La Minita Coffee
Mark Stell, Portland Roasting Coffee
Mrs. Amena M Smith, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Katherine Antoinette Nolte, Twin & Twin Trading Ltd.
Kim Elena Ionescu, Counter Culture Coffee, Inc.
Jose Luis Zarate Garcia, Coffee Kids
Mr Angel Mario Martinez-Garcia, Progreso ProClimate Rabobank
Ben Schmerler, Root Capital
Caitlin McCarthy-Garcia, Equator Coffees & Teas, Inc.
Kelly Goodejohn, Starbucks Corporation
Carolyn Fairman, Specialty Coffee Association of America

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