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SCAA Certified Teaching Laboratories exist to fulfill the SCAA mission to recognize, promote, and develop specialty coffee. They are the home of continuous offerings of SCAA education programs such as the Roaster, Coffee Taster, and Barista Certificate programs, as well as the CQI Q Grader Tests, as well as the industry standard for quality professional development and consistent evaluation of coffee throughout the world. Objective, calibrated, consistent teaching environments ensure global compliance with SCAA standards and protocols and are an integral component of ensuring high quality training for coffee professionals worldwide.

Students | If you're a student interested in taking classes through our certified lab program, click here for more information about SCAA educational programs and to find classes near you!

Requirements for SCAA Certified Teaching Laboratories

Quick Links for Lab Certification Process

Complete Inquiry Form: Click HERE to do so. The first step in the process. Connect with an SCAA staff member and discuss the certification process.

Ready to Start? Submit the Application Process Fee, by purchasing this item in the SCAA store. Click HERE to do so. This is the official start of the lab certification process allowing for direct access and support from SCAA staff during the entire process. Please allow 5 business days for processing.

Ready for your Inspection?
  • Fill out the Laboratory Inspection form by clicking HERE.
  • Pay the Inspection Fee by clicking HERE.

Information For Current SCAA Certified Labs

To view the complete list of SCAA Certified Laboratories that have earned this recognition, please click here.

SCAA Certified Teaching Lab Program in North America

We've just launched a new program for SCAA Certified Labs to ensure access to SCAA education for our members throughout North America. Information on the opportunities and requirements to host regional SCAA workshops can be found here.

Inspector Credential

The SCAA Teaching Lab Certification and Inspector Credential are part of keeping our commitment to bringing coffee education and professional development to geographies more easily accessible to our members. This means certifying teaching labs all over the world! If you are interested in being a SCAA Credentialed Laboratory Inspector, please click here to learn more.