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Below you will find a comprehensive list of courses that are offered through the SCAA Professional Development program. Please use the tabs on the right of this page to display only the courses pertaining to your experience level, the subject area you are interested in, or the certificate program that you'd like to pursue.

CP158  |  CP158 Golden Cup Fundamentals

Using the concepts from "The Basics of Brewing" and CP151, students in this class learn to analyze brewed coffee using a coffee refractometer and the SCAA Brewing Control Chart. Students apply the knowledge of brewing principals to produce an optimum extraction. This class builds on CP151 Parts 1 and 2, providing brewing standards and tools to measure brewed coffee for analysis. Competence in this area is essential for industry professionals.

Required Prerequisites: CP151 - CP152 Introduction to Coffee Brewing & Extraction

CP255  |  CP255 Brewing Technologies

This class provides industry professionals with experience that can add value back at work by clarifying equipment choices or results of brewing from different equipment. It is designed to enable participants to analyze and adjust four brewing technologies. Instruction focuses on how to produce optimum results with the different equipment. Students brew coffee with various spray head configurations, by-pass settings, pre-infusion settings, and pulse brewing, and taste coffee and discuss technology's impact on extraction.

Recommended Prerequisites: CP101 - Familiarity with SCAA Water Standard

Required Prerequisites: CP151 - CP152 Introduction to Coffee Brewing and Extraction, CP158 - Golden Cup Fundamentals

CP291  |  CP291 Golden Cup Technician Certificate Test

This exam credentials technicians to conduct onsite SCAA Golden Cup evaluations for retailers that wish to apply for the SCAA Golden Cup Award. This is a two-part exam consisting of an open-book written test and a practical evaluation.

Required Prerequisites: CP151 - Introduction to Coffee Brewing and Extraction, CP158 - Golden Cup Fundamentals, CP255 - Brewing Technologies