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The SCAA Coffee Taster Certificate (CTC) Program is the newest SCAA educational track focused on sensory analysis from a broad perspective. The Coffee Taster Certificate Program provides comprehensive education and training that encapsulates the entire scope of sensory analysis including green coffee, production roast tasting and espresso tasting.

This program has been designed to not only complement Coffee Quality Institute's (CQI) Q Grader Program, which licenses coffee professionals to grade green coffee and signifies an independent confirmation of specialty quality coffee, but also to allow for an expanded understanding and level of expertise for all coffee professionals focused on product quality and tasting assurance.

Many current SCAA students already inside of the SCAA Certificate curriculum, including those who have achieved licensed Q grader status through CQI, will discover that they may have already completed many of the required courses towards achieving this new certificate.

The requirements for this certificate program are outlined in the Coffee Taster Certificate Program Handbook.