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We heard you! You want more classes throughout the year, in more locations near you - and we want to provide that. Our members have told us that access to SCAA education programs at a regional level will help reduce some of the travel-based costs associated with the current options, and we are working to widen the accessibility of our educational programs to increase local access to these programs.

North America Students

SCAA education classes will now be available throughout the year within a network of SCAA Certified Teaching Labs in North America. Every SCAA class that is offered can be applied to one or more SCAA professional Certificate. For more information about SCAA Certificate and Credential programs and to view a list of requirements for each individual program, click here. To find descriptions for all classes in the SCAA Certificate programs, please visit the complete catalog of SCAA Skill Building Workshops.

Are you looking for a SCAA Certified Teaching Laboratory
where you can take classes?

Here's the SCAA Certified Teaching Labs that are able to hold classes in North America – look for one in your region!

Lab Name
City, State, Country
Thornton, CO, USA
Dec 9 2017
Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA
Mar 9 2016
Seattle, WA, USA
May 20 2018
Charleston, SC, USA
Mar 9 2017
Mill Valley, CA, USA
Feb 19 2018
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Dec 7 2015
Burlington, VT, USA
Aug 20 2017
Waterbury, VT, USA
Jan 12 2016
Hopedale, MA, USA
Mar 22 2016
Torrance, CA, USA
May 30 2015
Fubiao Special Coffee Institute
Dogguan, USA
Aug 3 2018
Waterbury, VT, USA
May 20 2016
Alexandria, VA, USA
May 20 2018
Terre Haute, IN, USA
May 20 2015
Specialty Coffee Institute of the Caribbean
Utuado, PR, USA
Apr 14 2018
Williamsburg, VA, USA
Sep 15 2017

International Students

SCAA education is available as well as through authorized International Partners worldwide. To see all International Partners, click here.

You can also visit the full list of certified labs, including international labs, to find one near you. Some labs are actively holding courses and others will be in the near future. Get in touch with them to see what they are offering!

Current List of Upcoming Courses

For all students, be sure to visit the SCAA events page to view the most current list of SCAA classes available around the world! To see this list of all upcoming available offerings, please click here.

SCAA classes are also produced periodically at our own SCAA events, such as The Event: SCAA Annual Symposium & Exposition, Roasters Guild Retreat, and Barista Camp. Visit the respective websites to learn more about educational opportunities at these events!