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SCAA offers online education opportunities through our webinar program. Students are able to attend lecture based courses from the comfort of their home or office. To view upcoming events, please visit the SCAA Events page.

Roundtable discussions are built into many of our events and activities with a goal to provide forums for dialogue and interaction among peers in the specialty coffee industry. The discussions that take place during these roundtables have proven to be some of the most rewarding experiences for attendees of SCAA events.

The Lecture Series & Seminars at our annual Exposition & Symposium, The Event, provide sound business advice and solutions for your café, roasting business, importing company, and every other link in the specialty coffee supply chain. To learn more about the lectures that are offered at the Exposition, please visit The Event website.

Symposium is the annual conference held during the two days preceding the Exposition. This event is an opportunity for the leaders and decision makers in specialty coffee, those who are interested in a deeper understand of the coffee supply chain, the scientific advancements and research being conducted around the world, and the most cutting edge collaborative and innovative efforts in specialty coffee. To learn more, please visit the Symposium website.