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The SCAA Testing Portal is where you can do the following (after having signed up and paid for an exam). To sign up and pay for an exam click here.
  • Reserve your testing date and time
  • Get help
  • Test your equipment
  • Connect with your proctor

(Please do be advised that all of the information needed to reserve a testing time and connect with a proctor will also be contained in an email sent to you from Proctor U upon signing up and paying for the exam)

ProctorU, is a company which provides online proctoring services in real time, to students across the world. On the day of the exam, you will connect via webcam with a live person who will assist you with accessing the online exam and will watch you during the exam process.

Below is a video explaining how to use the SCAA Testing Portal.

Need Written and Visual Instructions On How This Works?

Click on the steps below and the instructions and screen shots will walk you through the process.

STEP 1: Schedule A Time To Take Your Exam

STEP 2: Test Your Equipment

STEP 3: Exam Administration Details and Items You Need on Exam Day

STEP 4: Take Your Exam

If you have problems scheduling an exam or connecting to a proctor, please call ProctorU at 205-870-8122.