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One of the best ways to get immersed in the specialty coffee industry is through volunteering at SCAA events. You will learn a ton about coffee and be able to interact and engage with some of the world's most knowledgeable coffee professionals. Be a part of the behind the scenes action and get hands on with the set-up, break-down, clean-up and many other aspects of SCAA Skill Building Workshops, barista competitions, roasting and cupping events, including translation or customer service assistance and coffee service.

The Event wouldn't be "The Event" without the dedication of our Volunteers. Each year it takes hundreds volunteer coffee professionals to teach Skill Building Workshops, host a room, porter, just to name a few. Everything they do makes a difference and the SCAA couldn't do what we do without the perseverance, enthusiasm and commitment of our loyal volunteers.

A volunteer's time and talents doesn't go unrewarded; we offer a reward program to compensate them for their contribution. Points are awarded for each position a Volunteers assists with. If enough points are earned, we will provide a complimentary 3-day Trade Show and Activities Hall registration badge.

To learn more about the opportunities available for volunteering at The Event, please visit the Volunteers page of the SCAA Exposition website.