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SCAA classes are offered in five primary subject areas:

  • Coffee Grading & Evaluation (GE)
  • Coffee Roasting & Processing (RP)
  • Coffee Preparation (CP)
  • Coffee Business Strategies (CB)
  • Sustainability (S)
  • Global Issues in Coffee (GI)

Classes are offered at our annual Exposition (The Event) and at regional events such as Barista Guild of America's Barista Camp, Roasters Guild Retreat, as well as through licensed international partners, and e-learning sessions such as webinars. To view the schedule of all upcoming events and opportunities to register for SCAA educational classes, please visit our events page.

Every SCAA class can be applied for credit toward one or more Professional Certificate Programs such as Barista, Roaster, Instructor, or Cupping/Taster Certificates. Progress toward Certificates are tracked automatically in our online database for every participant that creates a free profile. To create or update your profile and view current credits, please click here.

The Q Grader Exam is available through our Charitable Trust, the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). Please visit the CQI website for information about upcoming Q-Grader training and tests.