This award recognizes excellence in specialty coffee sales and service.

Named for a charismatic coffee salesman of the 19th century, the Mose Drachman Award recognizes excellence in specialty coffee sales and service.

Born in 1870, Drachman served as the western sales representative for Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Company. At the time, Arbuckle Brothers was a coffee giant and its Ariosa brand had a virtual monopoly in the American west. The competition, primarily from Lion Coffee, was fierce. Rivals were known to bribe warehousemen to have onions stored next to Arbuckle Brothers' coffee. Yet, Drachman sometimes sold enough of his product to fill twenty carloads - an entire train. He was friendly, knowledgeable about coffee and powerfully optimistic. Even when Arbuckle Brothers added half of New Mexico to his territory and cut his commission by 5 cents (they feared he might sell more coffee than they could compensate him for), Drachman looked on the bright side. "You can't figure up everything in dollars and cents," he reportedly said. He died in 1935.


Candidates must be SCAA members and must be nominated by an SCAA member.

How to Apply

Award candidates must be nominated by another SCAA member. To submit an award nomination, complete the official form and provide a 300 to 500 word statement explaining why your candidate deserves recognition. Nominations may be submitted at any time.

Nomination Guidelines:

  • Individuals or companies may be nominated
  • Nominators may submit as many candidates as they wish
  • Self-nomination is not permitted
  • Both the nominator and nominee must be SCAA members
  • The nominator (or his/her company) must be a customer of the nominee

Judging Criteria

Candidates must be SCAA members and must be nominated by an SCAA member. A panel of judges evaluates the candidates on their:

  • Degree of Professionalism
  • Consistency in delivering proactive and responsive customer Service
  • Ability to provide comprehensive information about their product
  • Devotion to quality


Every Mose Drachman winner is awarded a plaque bearing the following statement:

"Whereas Mose Drachman was a highly successful coffee salesman for Arbuckle Brothers, well regarded in his community and by his customers, the Specialty Coffee Association of America has established the Mose Drachman Sales & Service Award to recognize those who provide exceptional sales and service within the specialty coffee industry. The aforementioned company or individual has been identified by their customers as deserving recognition for a high degree of professionalism in providing proactive customer service, complete product information and education, and a devotion to quality."