Purpose | Serve the membership, develop plans, hit the goals, do the work, have some fun, i.e. really geek out on coffee.
Executive Management

Ric Rhinehart
Executive Director
Call | 562.999.3172
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  • Primary contact for strategic issues, leadership, advocacy, all things coffee
  • Works with Board of Directors and the Executive Committee
  • Our go-to guy, a coffee person through and through, cares deeply, has the whole office using "really?".
Carolyn Fairman
Chief of Staff
Call | 562.999.3143
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  • Primary contact for tactical and fiduciary issues, strategic vision, leadership and sustainability
  • Works with Executive leadership, Board of Directors and Sustainability Council
  • Believes she is known and respected for her expertise in sustainability, while the truth is that she is secretly famous for her funk dance moves.
Accounting & Administrative
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Tracy Savage
Director of Accounting
Call | 562.999.3157
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  • Primary contact for finance and accounting, human resources, systems
  • Works with Executive Committee
Irma Ramirez
Membership Accountant
Call | 562.999.3161
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  • Primary contact for membership accounting and accounts receivable
  • Works with Membership
  • Incredibly kind and lovely, our in-house translator and representative for Spanish speaking members around the world, makes a mean cup of coffee...everyday... for the entire staff... we love you
Adra Aragon
Staff Accountant
Call | 562.999.3150
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  • Primary contact for accounts payable and vendor correspondence
  • Works behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly
  • Makes things happen, has the best laugh ever, went to see the new Harry Potter movie on opening night but fell asleep, so went again the next day
Elliot Gwinn
Personnel and Office Coordinator
Call | 562.999.3145
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  • Primary contact for office and personnel operations and systems, as well as registration.
  • Supports the Accounting team.
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Cindy Cohn
Sr. Director of Events
Call | 562.999.3155
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  • Primary contact for oversight of all SCAA events, including management of our annual Expo
  • Works with the Expo Executive Committee & Exhibitor Advisory Council, while also occasionally learning from roasters and baristas
  • Master of the walkie talkie, likes organization & timelines, and keeps us all in line
Lara Gallagher
Sr. Event Manager
Call | 562.999.3177
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  • Primary contact for event planning and logistics for regional and national barista competitions, as well as The Event Activities Hall
  • Works with the BGA Executive Council and Barista Events Working Group
Melissa McGuinness
Events Manager
Call | 562.999.3170
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  • Planning and support for the annual Exposition, including signage, housing, security and general operational logistics
  • Primary contact for Roasters Guild Retreat
  • Works with Professional Development Committee and Roasters Guild Executive Council
  • Can juggle a car, a baby and a husband with her bare hands
Lisa Pacini
Exhibit Sales and Service Manager
Call | 562.999.3167
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  • Primary contact for exhibit sales and service for our annual Event
  • Supports exhibitor marketing & promotions, and leads the charge for exhibitor fulfillment
  • Incredibly organized; knows what's what and where's where at all times
  • Works with Exhibitor Advisory Council
Carrie Gibson
Events Manager
Call | 562.999.3153
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  • Planning and support for Barista Camps and annual Exposition, including logistics oversight and coordination for Skill Building Workshops and Certification Programs
  • Works with Professional Development department on regional events, education and certification programs, as well as Barista Guild of America Executive Council on Barista Camp
  • Mom of 5 and completely calm and tireless when it comes to event coordination. We're not entirely sure she's not a robot
Hugo Neuproler
Event Coordinator
Call | 562.999.3185
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  • Works with Lara Gallagher coordinating the regional and national coffee championships.
  • Primarily responsible for event registration, competitor and judge scheduling, coordination and communications.
  • Assists with pre-event coordination for activities taking place within the Activities Hall: US Barista Championships, US Brewers Cup, US Cup Tasters Championship, US Latte Art Championship and the BGA Cafe.
  • Works with competition committees
Dana Savoie
Event Coordinator
Call | 562.999.3191
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  • Dana assists the Event Department primarily working with the Sr Event Manager on the day to day logistical planning for the Regional Barista Competitions, National Championships and Barista related events.
Stacy Woods
Event Manager
Call | 562.999.3149
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  • Planning and support for annual Exposition, including staffing, audio visual and general operational logistics
  • Operational support for Roasters Guild Retreat
  • Planning for SCAA Leadership Summit & June Planning Meeting
  • Stacy worked for SCAA from 1999-2007, and met her husband Brian at our Event in Miami; together they're determined to prove that normal kids can be raised in Las Vegas
Emily Tragos
Event Coordinator (Contractor)
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  • Event coordination and logistical support of educational Skill Building Workshops at annual Exposition including coordination of materials, venue requirements, interface with instructors and supply lists
  • Event coordination and logistical support for Barista Camps
Theresa Maguire
Volunteers Coordinator
Call | 562.624.4100
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  • Even more to come in the future.
Marketing & Communications
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Tara Smith
Director of Marketing & Communications
Call | 562.999.3174
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  • Primary contact for marketing, advertising, promotions, press and social media /digital inquiries
  • Manages SCAA websites, advertising programs, and new technology projects; Managing Editor of the Digital Edition of The Chronicle
  • Works with the Marketing Advisory Committee
  • If you are not a fan of the SCAA on Facebook or a follower on Twitter, she will hunt you down and make you one
Lily Kubota
Content & Communications Manager
Call | 562.999.3166
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  • Primary contact for communications inquiries including industry news, member press releases and electronic outreach
  • Executive Editor of The Chronicle (Print & Digital Editions)
  • Can organize vast and disparate pieces of information like nobody's business, takes on the daunting challenges with a smile, known for delivering zingers in staff meetings with spot-on timing
Israel Serna
Event Marketing Manager
Call | 562.999.3173
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  • Primary contact for event marketing inquiries
  • Manages promotions for the annual Exposition and regional events
  • Works with the Marketing Advisory Committee
Heather Ward
Research Analyst
Call | 562.999.3187
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  • Primary contact for statistics, research, and coffee industry data
  • Works within the Marketing & Communications department to provide valuable, relevant information to members
Heather Eyre
Marketing Coordinator, Events & Education
Call | 562.999.3146
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  • Supports all event marketing and communications efforts for regional activities and the SCAA Event.
  • AKA "The App Queen"
Danny Pinnell
Communications Coordinator
Call | 562.999.3152
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  • Supports the marketing & communications team with content development, digital resources and website management, email campaigns, and social media.
  • Graduated from Biola University with a degree in public relations and journalism, loves adventure, Wipeout Season 6 Contestant.
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Mansi Chokshi
Membership Director
Call | 562.999.3140
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  • Primary contact for membership inquiries & member services
  • Works with BGA, RG Sustainability Council and Community Sub-Committee
  • Driven to provide awesome customer service to our members and talks to more people in one day than most do in a lifetime
Jodi Oliver
Membership Coordinator
Call | 562.999.3168
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  • Key contact for membership
Katie Cramer
Member Relations Coordinator
Call | 562.999.3164
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  • Focuses on engagement opportunities and fulfillment of membership value
  • Promotes benefits, programs and events to help members succeed
  • Enjoys checking in with or hearing from our members on how their doing
  • A huge fan of delicious coffee and therefore incredibly grateful for your support and everything you do to make it happen
Kristen Tichenor
  • The face of the SCAA on the phone! Responsible for greeting our members and answering their inquiries (via phone, email, web) related to joining or renewing membership or general SCAA and events.
  • Promotes SCAA member benefits, programs and events.
Renee Espinoza
Leadership Volunteers Coordinator
Call | 562.999.3184
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  • Logistical planning and oversight for all volunteer coordination, including volunteer positions at the Annual Event.
  • Works with the volunteer committee
  • One of the nicest people you'll ever meet-never met a volunteer position she couldn't fill with a smile.
Christopher Schooley
Coffee Design and Experience Coordinator (Contractor)
Call | 562.999.3186
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  • Responsible to broaden SCAA's reach in the global coffee industry by designing products, services, events and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience
  • Ensures there is a GREAT cup of coffee at all SCAA events
  • Provides member value by producing content for members to help them differentiate their quality principles and event models which can be replicated to help expose consumers to specialty coffee
Professional Development
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Ellie Hudson
Director of Professional Development
Call | 562.999.3158
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  • Primary contact for SCAA educational partner programs with global coffee organizations
  • Strategic support for Guild Leadership and the four Professional Development Subcommittees
  • Once rocked a coffee bean tat, knows precisely the right word to use and can likely tell you its etymology, was on staff long before she was on staff
Ildi Revi
Education Manager
Call | 562.999.3160
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  • Primary contact for SCAA education content, trains and manages SCAA instructors, and applies education industry best practices to SCAA curriculum
  • Works with Skill Building Subcommittee and the Guild Education Committees
  • Conversations regularly include casual reference to time in the Zambezi, multi-day power outages, and coffee farming; magically always has a reference book on hand for your particular problem or important question
Dorit Goossens Lessard
Project Manager
Call | 562.999.3180
Write | E-Mail
  • Primary contact for SCAA education tracking, certification entitlements, and SCAA education questions beginning with "How do I...?"
  • Works with the Lectures Subcommittee and Skill Building Subcommittee
  • She is the owner of a bearded dragon and a three horned Jackson Chameleon. She loves to play easy card games and drink good wine, preferably with good friends, at a scenic location.
Science & Standards
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Emma Bladyka
Coffee Science Manager
Call | 562.999.3159
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  • Primary contact for coffee science, standards, and protocols.
  • Works with the Statistics & Standards Committee to develop standards, review existing practices and standards, and conduct new research and testing.
  • A botanist with a true love for photosynthesis, seeks the why behind good coffee but fears that she is destined to eventually find that coffee tastes good 'just because'.
Sponsorship & Advertising
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Katy Goulding
Business Development Manager
Call | 562.999.3162
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  • Primary contact for sponsorship and business development opportunities
  • The bigger the challenge, the better. Throw anything at her, really.
  • Innately talented at discovering stuff, including new, unmarked, unknown and uber-hip restaurants in NYC
Susan Gates
Susan Gates
Advertising Sales Representative (Contractor)
Call | 206.818.2563
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  • Responsible for all print and digital advertising opportunities.
  • Business Development liaison to the Chronicle team
Cait McGehee
Cait McGehee
Business Development Coordinator
Call | 562.999.3142
Write | E-Mail
  • Supports the business development team with sponsor communication and onsite deliverables.
  • Thrives on meeting new people, drinking great coffee and sunshine.
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Peter Giuliano
Director of Symposium
Call | 562.999.3183
Write | E-Mail
  • Curates, develops and leads the SCAA Symposium, our cutting-edge ideas conference
  • Develops new and innovative ways to understand and discuss key issues in coffee
  • Plays the accordion (sometimes professionally), is passionate about the OTHER kind of beans (you know, the kind you eat), and is enthusiastically nearsighted
Shelby Paul
Event Manager
Call | 562.999.3147
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  • More information coming soon!

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