Portfolio | Issue No. 4 | Technology

HARIO “the King of Glass” is a manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in heat resistant borosilicate glass. HARIO first … »


Portfolio | Issue No. 4 | Connections

STiR Tea & Coffee Industry International is now the leading-circulation magazine for the tea and coffee industries globally. STiR’s editorial … »


Portfolio |Issue No. 3 | Innovation

Zojirushi Unveils Its First Commercial Use Water Boiler at the SCAA Show Zojirushi’s Commercial Water Boiler & Warmer (CD-LTC50) is … »


Portfolio | Issue No. 3 | Quality

Pack Plus is one of the nation’s fastest growing flexible packaging manufactures offering a wide variety of high-quality packaging solutions … »


Portfolio | Issue No. 3 | Heritage

Visionary innovation for more than 70 years! BODUM®’s history dates back to 1944, when Peter Bodum launched the company in … »