Issue No. 3 (2010)

Tips & Tricks for Teaching Consumers

At Your Counter • Don’t just rely on your baristas to educate consumers. Roasters, counter staff, managers and everyone else … »

Getting the Story Straight

Communicating what is Special about Specialty Coffee By Tracy Ging You know that famous quote, the one that says imitation … »

Denomination of Origin

Creating Geographical Indications for Coffee By Laura Everage In this Symposium session, Paul Songer of Songer & Associates, Inc. and … »

Coffee Slingers and Cheese Mongers

Learning from The Cheese Model By Ric Rhinehart Recently, I was listening to an interview with cheese monger Gordon Edgar … »

Connecting with the Consumer

By Peter Giuliano In coffee, everything that we do leads up to one single, important moment: when someone drinks a … »